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18-4 Electric Cordless Chainsaw Powerful Wood Cutter Saw +4 Battery For Makita

18-4 Electric Cordless Chainsaw Powerful Wood Cutter Saw +4 Battery For Makita

18-4 Electric Cordless Chainsaw Powerful Wood Cutter Saw +4 Battery For Makita   18-4 Electric Cordless Chainsaw Powerful Wood Cutter Saw +4 Battery For Makita

18"-4" Cordless Brushless Chainsaw Powerful Wood Cutter Saw Batteries For Makita. Model: rechargeable 21V battery chainsaw for Makita. Material: Aluminum / ABS resin, etc.

Battery: 2 pcs big capacity(10 cells). Ergonomic handle design, one hand use, long time griping will not tired hands. Cordless design, lightweight and portable, easy to carry out and saw the wood. The sawchain has been deep quenching by high temperature, with sharping sawteeth, more wear-resistant, smooth cutting.

With quickly cutting speed, which is practical and low power consumption, high stability and high performance. With high working efficiency, high positioning accuracy, low noise, which can give you a better using experience. Use an external rotor brushless motor.

Easy-to-operate rear handle type, compact and cordless, so you can use it anywhere without worrying about interrupting the line during work. Upgraded 6-inch mini chainsaw features a high-hardness sharp chain, making sure the cutting is smoother. The chain speed can reach 5m/s, which can easily cut larger woods with a diameter of 5 inches in 8 seconds, which is more cutting efficient than a 4-inch chainsaw. Powerful pure copper brushless motor provides longer-lasting power and longer service life, does not generate sparks during operation, almost no da.

Ily maintenance, enjoy your cutting work with low energy consumption, low noise and high efficiency. Powered by high-capacity rechargeable lithium battery, performance is stable, can be recharged repetitively more than 300 times.

A battery can be used for 30-40 minutes when fully charged, and you can use the 2 batteries alternately to provide continuous power for outdoor work. The safety lock and the switch button must be pressed at the same time to start, to prevent accidental activation. Baffle prevents debris from splashing. Rubber ergonomic handle provides maximum slip resistance and comfort. This handheld chainsaw only weighs 2KG(Approx), compact and comfortable design makes it easy for you to control with one hand, and even women and the elderly will not feel tired after using it for a long time. Comes with a portable tool case for easy storage and portability. Cordless chainsaw can be used for wood cutting, forest logging, branch trimming, shrub trimming, home improvement, widely used in gardens, farms, parks, forests, pastures, orchards, indoors, for all cutting needs.

Motor Drive:For Makita Motor. Power Supply Rechargeable Lithium Battery. Guide Plate Length: 14/16/18 inches. CHENTIANXIA Cordless Li-Ion Battery (4X21V battery) Powered 14/16/18 Chainsaw.

An excellent choice to help keep your garden in shape. This 14/16/18 Chainsaw features the brushless motor which provides 30% more power than the competition. Perfect for trimming tree branches and hedges that at becoming obtrusive. EASY TO START - Insert 2X Li-Ion Batteryies and get started: With the cordless chain saw you can immediately saw branches and tree trunks free and without cables in your garden - battery and charger are included.

POWERFUL - The cordless chain saw has a chain speed of 1200 m/min - so gardening and forestry work is no longer a problem. FULL POWER - CHENGTIANX chain saw convinces thanks to the brushless motor with 30 Percent more power and longer running times - for your safety the saw is equipped with a safety switch. COMFORT - The cordless saw is easy to handle and has an ergonomic handle and hand guard for comfortable and safe work in the garden. We own very professional technician and customer service team, till now we have many resellers and drop shippers all over the world. We offer an extensive range of products selected by our professionals.

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18-4 Electric Cordless Chainsaw Powerful Wood Cutter Saw +4 Battery For Makita   18-4 Electric Cordless Chainsaw Powerful Wood Cutter Saw +4 Battery For Makita