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Brushless 10 Cordless Chainsaw 20V 2 Battery Electric Tree Garden Saws 3.0Ah

Brushless 10 Cordless Chainsaw 20V 2 Battery Electric Tree Garden Saws 3.0Ah

Brushless 10 Cordless Chainsaw 20V 2 Battery Electric Tree Garden Saws 3.0Ah    Brushless 10 Cordless Chainsaw 20V 2 Battery Electric Tree Garden Saws 3.0Ah

20V 1/2 Battery Chainsaw 8"/10" 3Ah Brushless Electric Cordless Tree Garden Saws. LionMount 10-inch Electric Cordless Chainsaw. LionMount 10-inch battery-powered cordless chainsaw is powerful and easy to carry.

The high-quality brushless motor and the unique chain tooth design make the cutting efficiency of the cordless chainsaw faster and more efficient. The chainsaw can be operated with one hand.

Women can control it easily and use it for a long time without feeling tired. LionMount cordless chainsaw is very suitable for gardening, small branch pruning, and wood/tree cutting. Cutting diameter: 7.9 inch. What Is In Your Package?

3 x replacement saw chain. First loosen the nut, then turn the knob, counterclockwise loose, clockwise tight. Making the cutting efficiency of the chainsaw faster and more efficient.

The high-quality quenching chain is quenched, with high hardness, sharpness and wear resistance, which can ensure smooth cutting. Tough and wear-resistant, sharp and smooth, not easy to jam the chain, fast cutting and longer service life. Prolonging the runtime and extending service life by FOUR Times while consuming ONE THIRD power, LionMount BRUSHLESS MOTOR stands out by great value! Comparing to traditional motor, it has less disturbance, less heat, higher efficiency, less friction, lower noise, lighter body, and most importantly, it gives you a LOWER COST for motor maintenance.

LionMount single hand 10 inches electric chainsaw provides compact and easy operation while high performance 20V lithium-Ion battery delivers strong power with low memory loss after charging. A robust bar and 3 pieces of 10-inch steel chain with tool-less chain tensioning offers ease of use while delivering the highest cutting performance.

3/8-inch chain pitch delivers the right amount of capabilities to get those limbs trimmed and cut with minimal kickback. Optimal use with a translucent oil tank for a clear view of oil level. Safety button aside of trigger for increased protection. The founder of the LionMount brand, a former product manager of professional power tools and accessories, worked in Metabo, Bosch, StanleyBlack&Decker. During his 17 years of product development, from the workshop of Stuttgart to the lab of Solothrun; from the construction site in Shanghai to the wood working shop in Tokyo; from the repair center of Maryland to the shipyard of Capetown; from the factory of Pune to the coast garden of Dubai besides the professional quality requirements of reliable and safe tools.

So he started his entrepreneurial journey with this dream and created the LionMount brand. The products cover full range of power tools and accessories for metal working, wood working, construction, home decor, lawn&garden and other applications. Responsibility and customer orientation are the culture and values of the LionMount brand. The start point of all products comes from the voice of the customer (VOC). From the product conception to design book, an engineering sample has gone through life test, overload test, drop test, field test, compliance test...

Before it is allowed to be mass-produced and put on sale. Every single one of drill bit, hole saw or flap disc, from material to process, from parameter specifications to environmental protection standards, all have undergone rigorous selection. Most of LionMount supply chain partners are OEM factories of first-class international brands.

They not only meet with LionMount's requirements of quality and safety, but also have a reasonable cost structure to ensure that our customers can get a professional tool with a reasonable price. The brand name of LionMount comes from a mountain located at the northern foot of the TianShan Mountains in Xinjiang at 43 latitude. Diamond Hole Saw Cutter 8mm-22mm Drill Bit Set for Tile Glass Ceramic Marble.

HSS Taper Tap and Die Set Machine Metric Tap Left Hand Threading Tools M3-M16. 1/4 (6.35mm) Shank Router Bits Bottom Cleaning Carbide Cutter 5/16, 3/8. Bi Metal Hole Saw Drill Bit Set Wood Plastic Metal Cutter Kit fit Dewalt Bosch.

1PC 3Flutes Countersink Drill Bits 10.4mm-50mm 90 Degree HSS Chamfering Cutter. TCT Circular Wood Saw Blades 3pcs 15mm x 85mm fits Bosch Dewalt Festool.
Brushless 10 Cordless Chainsaw 20V 2 Battery Electric Tree Garden Saws 3.0Ah    Brushless 10 Cordless Chainsaw 20V 2 Battery Electric Tree Garden Saws 3.0Ah